Getting Source Code

Prerequisites and Notes

All Mac OS X specific projects require Apple's Xcode development environment while all other projects and code simply require a text editor.


To compile Xcode projects, you will need Xcode 3.2 or later which is available as a free download from Apple. The following SDKs will also need to be installed:

(Note, that the SDKs are custom install options when running the Xcode installer)


All source code on is under version control using Subversion and as such, to obtain the very latest source Subversion 1.5 or later is required. Subversion is available as a free download from the Subversion packages site.

Please refer to the Subversion reference at for help on using Subversion.

Downloading the Source

All version downloads and the source associated with these versions are always available on the version history page that accompanies the specific project, but the following is required to obtain the very latest development source of a particular project.

Checking Out the Code

The following is intended for individuals who are going to be editing or hacking the code and wish to perform other Subversion commands on their working copy (for example, viewing the difference between their modified copy and trunk hosted on

To obtain the very latest source for a project simply run the following command from a terminal:

svn co<project_name>/trunk/ <directory_name>

For example, to obtain the SafariTabs trunk the command would be:

svn co SafariTabs

The directory name at the end of the command is the local directory that the source will be placed in, so it can be anything you like. It will be created if it doesn't already exist.

You can update your local copy of the source at any time to the latest revision of each of the source files by running the following command:

svn update

The various releases of a particular project can also be obtained by running the following command:

svn co<project_name>/tags/<release_name>/ <directory_name>

Exporting the Code

If you are not planning on making any modifications to the source and simply want to download and install the very latest revision, then you can use the export command.

svn export<project_name>/trunk/ <directory_name>

Using the export command rather than checkout gives you the exact same code, but without the hidden .svn directories that hold Subversion information. This means none of the other Subversion commands will work after an export—you need perform a checkout to use Subversion commands on your working copy.

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